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We have not updated our site for an entire year! Our apologies! Incidents led to another, but we are very pleased now to inform that we have moved our operations to a new office at:

B 5-8, Block B, Ativo Plaza, 1 Jalan PJU 9/1, Damansara Avenue,
PJU 9, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Wholly owned by Nexus Creative, our office enabled us to accept interns for whole year long. Over the years we have worked closely with universities and colleges, collaborated and trained students from the faculty of design and multimedia.

In October 2014, we have accepted the first batch of interns and they have completed their programme in December. We are now moving on to the second batch. All of our interns were given FULL involvement in some of our industry projects - this means a better hands on approach to refine their skills.

In addition, Nexus Creative also funded artistic/non-commercial projects for the students, thus creating a fun atmosphere for them to pursue other creative ventures.

If you wish to join our internship programme, please write to us at!



So we have finally arrived to the end of the year! December has always been a month of rest but due to overwhleming demands we have been kept busy even till now! A great shoutout THANK YOU to our clients!

We will continue to serve you with our very best!



We are pleased to announce that Peter's debut as a music composer for the movie, Kisah Paling Gangster is finally out in 21 November 2013!

Also, Peter was featured in Malaysia SME's Pillars.

Few websites were completed, we are now fully focusing on servicing one client of ours, Ace Group to come up with a large scale branding and design collaterals.

As we are now reaching towards end of the year, we have planned out few interesting personal projects in 2014. We hope to get these materialized and we will announce them when it has kickstarted. Meanwhile, we will be very busy until beginning of 2014.



Nexus Creative welcomes Ma Chiau Ran and Alexandra Wong as part of our network of close associate partners!

Ma is an expert in visual FX for film and TV, where else Alexandra is a seasoned journalist who regularly writes for The Star newspaper.

Meanwhile, one of our ongoing long-term creative project, titled Celebration of Creativity kickstarted again 3 months ago after we have signed up to continue our teaching partner status with Saito College.

Students now have almost completed their project assignments and we are looking forward to launch this new online art gallery by end of Dec 2014. We have a total of 30+ artworks collected so far. Much will be explained later, in due time!

Lastly, Reflections is in its final hurdle of its revision - we have re-cut, re-scored and re-shoot certain scenes. The story was totally re-written by Kathleen Choo, and we are excited to get it done FINALLY and submit it to film festivals.

September and October is an extremely busy month, so we'll update more whenever it is possible.



The Nexus, our music persona has named as Featured Artist in Reverbnation!!! We are currently at the No.1 Spot for Electronica genre Local and Nationwide and at Top 20 spot Nationwide (all genre).



I have been extremely busy in the past 2 months- to the extent that I was unable update the News section. June was a month of relieve as I have finally finished one of the major projects of this year- the Human Resources Development Fund website.

Also, the result of the Saito Students collaboration of the movie project Reflections were over and the overall assessment I was "quite" pleased.

However, only one student made it to the selection which is Zhi Ying, who came up with this version of the poster that I really liked:

Meanwhile, Ivan Tao, our associate partner of Nexus Creative, came up with his own version of the poster:

There were many other happenings - but the most noteworthy was that my work on Relfections was finally finished, but I have not yet made it live as based on the feedbacks I received, there are still certain things need to be straightened out.

More news to come in July!



My collaboration with Saito students has hit phase two. I am pleased to say some of the works they produced I will be using it for my short film's promo. They are quite impressive, which I will be posting here soon.

My short film's teaser trailer is also out:

This has been a month of diverse projects - a last minute job as an art director for a food shoot, a marketing strategist-consultant for an eco-park, and just wrapped up an interactive sound design app project for the upcoming Future Music Asia event.



On January I have finished shooting my short film and have been busy on couple of new projects. Unfortunately, up to date I have yet to finish anything - it's still a long way to go.

It should be until around April or May where I can post my short film, Reflections.

Meanwhile, here are my teaser posters' developments. They all are not FINAL yet :)

Next, I have officially signed up as a training partner with Saito College to collaborate with their final year students to work on a project - which is tied to my short film. I could not reveal much until we develop further.

Lastly, I have signed up another sound + music design project - Ulala. A series of short animated clips about a cute snake. I will be posting this in my latest work section.




I have initiated a music video project. With the help of Ken Yap, whom I have worked earlier on his short film, he agreed to shoot for me at an insanely low price. I just wanted to get this one out - the music was produced quite a while ago and I could not show it because I wanted it to accompany the visuals that I have originally planned.

Now, it's finally done:



A laid back month. Prepping for my short film which will be shooting on the 24-25th January. I'm pleased to announce that Billy Ng and Vanessa Chong will be part of the cast. Tan Teck Zee will be the DOP and Patrick Lim as my co-director.

As the holidays are over, I'm back resuming some jobs that were of last year. It will intensify in the following months, so meantime, I'm taking it slowly as I can while it lasts!



Finally finished scoring both films and awaiting for final approval from the directors.

It's quite a quiet month, just finished working on the music and sound design for Happy Dragon and a website, a HSE consultation firm. It's rather unique because it is an engineering related theme, and the owner decided to infuse modern art as part of the design elements. And hence, the outcome -

The last "art" project I have embarked was in 2010, titled Experientialism. That was a long time ago. Finally, with more time in my hands, I am now planning for my self-indulgence, artistic short film titled Consequence. Written way back in 1998, there are quite a lot of things I need to change in terms of the current context and direction. I'm still revising it. Hopefully production will begin on the mid week of December, and if not, January 2013.

I will consider this my real directorial debut. Stay tuned!



There's much to do this month. Still on the final stages of finishing Kisah Paling Gangster and Pasar Malam.

And, started my 3rd season work for Astro's Happy Dragon cartoon, and a few assorted mixing + sound design jobs.

Here is one of my previous Happy Dragon works in Youtube:

For design projects, I'm currently finishing an engineering firm website, a security website and still working on branding for a celebrity. I couldn't say who at this moment, because her product is not launched yet and we are still finalizing talks about our involvement.

As this is the start of the month, more will be announced soon. Meanwhile, I'm plotting to do my short film sometime this year, if things run smoothly!



Finished scoring for a short film for Ken Yap's Obsession. Please check out below:

Also finished scoring for Discovery Channel's Revealed: Twice a King. Will be out soon sometime this month. Meanwhile, I am also engaged to work on yet another documentary work (most probably will be aired also in Discovery Channel), which I will post it out once it's made live.

Another small project I have done:

As for the foreign documentary I mentioned earlier, it was called off unfortunately.

Next, I have wrapped up Sarawak Convention Bureau's latest video. I can only show this once it's launched, so will have to be next year.

And finally, for the two movies I have been engaged on - I'm pleased to announce that I am in the midst of finishing scoring for both movies, titled Kisah Paling Gangster a Malay action drama and Pasar Malam, a Chinese comedy. More info will be announced soon ;)

You can check out the website I have designed for Pasar Malam at



I am pleased to announce that I am currently scoring music for two motion pictures which is a Malay action film and another, a Chinese comedy. Both are scheduled to be screened towards end of the year or early 2013 in Malaysia.

I am also scoring music for an overseas documentary, another Discovery Channel episode and lastly, a short film.

Meanwhile, I am also currently working on a new branding project with a celebrity.

Yes, I am pretty busy for this entire month and I hope I can reveal more soon. Stay tuned!