One sentence.
If only it was that simple to explain
that I dabble in.
If you have the time
to learn more
about us, the trail begins here.
If you are pressed for time,
then let our work speak for itself here.

If my name was in the dictionary, it would describe me as being "professionally misunderstood". Fact is, I have not been able to define my role. I just term it as "Creative Strategist", or "Audio/Visual Creative Specialist".

Hello. I'm Peter Wong, or you can call my stage name, The Nexus. To some, I am known as a music composer. To others, I am a web/multimedia designer.

Here's a quick flashback. I studied graphic design, and majored in multimedia design. Additionally, I received education as a sound engineer, took private music lessons and loved directing, editing film and playing with motion graphics. I also love conceptualising ideas, and bringing creative masterpieces to life. To me, giving talks and lectures is the ideal outlet for me to de-stress, and exercise my left brain!

I opine that it is not just about one point of focus. On the contrary, everything is very much connected. Art transcends all senses and allows us to express our creativity. A dancer is pretty much the same as a painter. The key difference is that one expresses emotions through body movements, while the other uses his/her hands.

For me, I find great joy and am incredibly lucky to be able to tap into a colourful palette of skills that allows me to create and implement novel ideas for the people around me.

Please note that all portfolios shown in this site were 75-100% all produced by myself. The purpose is to show the diverse skills that I have.

So, now that you know something about me, what else would you like to discover?


My creative work represents my voice.

It speaks – loud and clear. Through the years, I have worked on a long list of brands. I have handpicked a few noteworthy ones to share with you.


There's more than just me in the company. There’s also Su Lin, my newfound partner.

Su Lin has a market research background. She started out in Quantitative & Qualitative research but later specialised purely in Qualitative research, handling both regional and local accounts. She was in charge of developing proposals, report-writing and right down to presentation. Her years in market research has seen her manage clients from various sectors including Fonterra, Nestle, Tesco, P&G, Unilever, Avon, DiGi, Proton, Ajinomoto, BRDB, Sunrise Bhd and many more.

She fitted the role of a moderator perfectly due to her innate ability to be empathetic, approachable and converse in multiple languages. The types of research studies that Su Lin has conducted in the past cover Usage & Attitude, Advertising & Concept Testing, Product and Packaging Development, Brand & Product Positioning, Name & Logo Evaluation – everything that is crucial in gaining invaluable insight for businesses. Please check out Su Lin’s credential [here].

By combining her in-depth market understanding and market research knowledge (always bearing in mind what resonates and is well understood by consumers), with my expertise, we are a wonderful fusion of practicality and creativity, and facts and aesthetics. Together, we are in tune when it comes to adhering to our single-minded mission – to provide personalised, superior and affordable creative services.

If you answered “Yes!” to either question, it’s time to get in touch with me. I can advise, conceptualise and convey messages that talk to your audiences. I will engage with them effectively by taking them through the many layers of emotional experiences to ensure that they will remember your brand in a positive light.

If you already have a team, I can participate as a consultant. If you don’t, I can assemble a team for you, be it on a permanent or per project basis. I can help you with one or more of the following ways:

Planning stage

Creative idea generation
Prototype development – mock ups, proposals, demos

Production stage

Design – corporate identity, print, graphics, illustration
Multimedia – film , animation, interactive, music and sound production

The Bigger Picture


Communication is a non-issue, thanks to the beauty of ultra connectivity via various means including email, Skype and other forms of digital communication.

With,, dropbox and other file-transfer services, sending large files is a breeze. If you prefer a more “private” mode of delivery, we also have our own dedicated ftp server. There also Fedex or DHL as an option.

Email: nexus (at) nexuscreative (dot) com
Skype ID: nexus_creative

B 5-8, Block B, Ativo Plaza, 1 Jalan PJU 9/1,
Damansara Avenue, PJU 9, Bandar Sri Damansara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur,